Watervale Playgroup runs each Monday from 9:15 – 11am. Our program allows children and their families to come and engage in sensory play with others from the community. During this time, we have a range of activities available for all the children to be a part of and have a singing and story time towards the end. Playgroup provides opportunities for social and parenting support for our community. By having an opportunity to come weekly to their local space, provides community connections, engagement and support. Families are becoming familiar with the school and feel a sense of belonging within it. The school is also connecting their programs with the playgroup. We are also including the addition of “whole site” days where the playgroup children are invited to be a part of the activities.


  • The program costs $2 per child
  • Playgroup runs from 9:15am – 11:00 on a Monday
  • Programming aligns to school inquiry for the term and allows opportunities for all learners to engage and play


  • Hat
  • Water bottle
  • Piece of fruit to share
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