From the Principal

Watervale Primary School prepares learners for future challenges by focusing on educational excellence in a happy, vibrant learning environment. We believe in fostering children’s engagement in lifelong learning from the early years and sustaining this throughout their schooling through authentic learning experiences that provide challenge and rigour. We believe in an innovative learning environment and our learning spaces are inspiring, natural and reflect our principles. We are committed to providing a balanced quality curriculum in a caring environment, where diversity is valued and respected.

Watervale Primary has exceptional teachers and support staff. Our school offers literacy programs that are focused on best practice and follows the advice of the Department for Education. We have a daily literacy block that includes ‘The Big 6 of Reading’ including phonological awareness, phonics, reading, writing and grammar. We have a focus on using the vocabulary of maths and on authentic, hands on, problem solving in numeracy. We are currently working with the Primary Maths Association to provide consistent maths language across the site. We offer Japanese through the Open Access College and offer Design and Digital Technologies, The Arts and HASS lessons. We have a strong support staff ratio and pastoral care program helping to maintain the balance between students’ academic success and their wellbeing. Leadership skills are developed and the input from the Student Leadership team and our learners is valued by the Principal, Staff and Governing Council. We run an afternoon OSHC program that caters for all learners and supports family’s needs. This service can be extended to the morning if needed.

At the centre of our school is our community who are actively engaged with the students and their collective achievements, enthusiasm, energy and commitment. The school creates links and focuses on building partnerships between educators, learners, families and community, to develop a positive learning environment and values-based education. The small school environment creates a family atmosphere where children are encouraged to nurture relationships with others. We aim to work with families to ensure our children develop into learners who are resilient, curious, collaborative and creative. Our core values of respect, learning, community and happiness were chosen by our learners and support positive decisions and actions of the school community.

We look forward to seeing you at Watervale Primary and encourage you to contact us if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

Kel Bunfield

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