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In a supportive environment, learners are involved in a range of educational opportunities both in and out of the school grounds. Some include:

  • Inquiry learning opportunities in a supportive, small class environment
  • Embedded and whole site approach to inspiring spaces philosophies
  • Weekly Sustainability lessons to teach children the “real life” literacy and numeracy concepts within cooking, gardening and the adoption of sustainable practices
  • Student voice opportunities including student leadership, class meetings and daily opportunities within a caring environment
  • The learning of Japanese via Open Access
  • Involvement in the Festival of Music choir program with bi-annual attendance at the Festival in Adelaide
  • Canberra Camp for year 6 learners
  • Swimming lessons during Term 1 for all learners at The Valley’s in Clare
  • Whole school Camps to build community and engagement with all learners
  • Excursions throughout the year to build connected and challenging learning experiences
  • Implementation of Berry Street education practices to support and nurture the wellbeing of all learners, staff and families
  • Use of the Kimochis program to support emotional wellbeing within the early years

    We also offer an OSHC service to support families before and after school hours. Click here to find out more.

    If you have a child that isn’t school age, we have the opportunity for your child to be a part of our weekly playgroup. To find out more, click on this link.

    Policies & Procedures

    Orders and Communication

    School Communication

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    Lunch Orders

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    Uniform Order Form

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    Seesaw Expectations

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