Vision and Values

“A vision shared by the whole-school community is the foundation that you need in order to develop and implement a successful school improvement plan.” – Quality School Improvement Planning Handbook 2.0 The Watervale Primary School community has a developed vision for our site. This includes the voice of learners, educators, families and the wider community. Together, we will enable learning for life.

What and how do you want students to learn?

Learners at Watervale will be educated in a vibrant setting allowing for engagement, curiosity and stretch. All classrooms will educate children using the guidance of the Australian Curriculum and ensure there is differentiation for all, respecting each child’s different needs. Learners will engage with values education and focus on the importance of respect, community, happiness and learning both in the classroom, school and the wider community. Educators will support and promote the wellbeing of all learners, creating a place of comfort and belonging.

By embracing our community, developing positive relationships based on trust and respect, we will all become “learners for life.”

What do you believe are the most important skills and qualities learners need to succeed?

At Watervale, learners will be supported to be confident in their own skills and abilities. Educators will promote growth mindset and resilience through daily teaching methodologies to ensure learners have a positive attitude towards learning. Learners will be a part of a collaborative team and work with a range of learners, educators and community to develop communication skills and learn to deliver ideas respectfully. Literacy and Numeracy will be encouraged and promoted by all educators and families, with a common understanding of how it is used in daily life.

What do you believe are the skills and qualities teachers and school leaders need to have to ensure that your children succeed?

At Watervale, educators and school leaders will show respect to all learners, families and the wider community. They will develop positive relationships which builds a strong foundation of trust and respect. Consistent, honest and positive communication is our goal to allow for a positive school culture. Educators engage with professional learning to build upon programs for learners that include intellectual stretch and differentiation for all.

How can parents help their children learn and the school thrive?

Educators encourage parents to be involved in their child’s learning journey at Watervale. They are encouraged to engage in conversations with their children about daily learning experiences; support their children with reading and embracing educational moments at home; be involved in parent interviews and have respectful conversations with educators; and to be positive about the school and all it provides in a public space. By creating a partnership of trust, respect and positive communication, a positive school culture will be promoted.

How does the school connect with other schools and with the wider community?

Watervale Primary embraces all opportunities to be involved in and around the community. We believe connection to our community, both Watervale and surrounding towns, is important to develop strong relationships and create an inclusive environment. Watervale Primary is open to the community for weekly Playgroup sessions and special days or events. We share and connect with other local schools for learning opportunities such as guest speakers, performances, camps and professional learning. We share our achievements and work via our public Facebook page and within local media platforms.

In 2021, we went through a thorough process to change our school values. Our entire community was involved in this process and this has ensured our values are a fundamental part of our site. The learners, in conjunction with families and the wider community, decided the most important values for Watervale Primary were

  • Community
  • Respect
  • Learning
  • Happiness

These are focussed on daily and are a part of each class. Children choose a “focus value” each week and classes are involved in a discussion about what this value looks like both in the class, yard and the wider community. We believe these are lifelong values and can be adopted and used throughout life.

We celebrate the many successes and achievements of all our learners, family and wider community and the demonstration of the values through our fortnightly newsletter and assembly, Facebook page and school website.

In 2022, our term learning inquiries are based on our school values. This will provide thoughtful connection with our values to the wider world and the importance of these in our children’s lives.

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